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Jifu Printing Equipment Company

Jifu Printing Equipment Company
Used printing equipment
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Used printing equipment
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My company is long-term manaing in all types of used equipment, as the core value of the company to "focus on the equipment, intentions", all the user needs as the center, hope to set a good device company image through professionalism and tireless efforts, with sharp eyes, unitythe collective, forge ahead style and the spirit of the times, to create a good development prospects, the company was established in 2009 mainly engaged in second-hand printing equipment and European imports. KBA Ko Po. Heidelberg. Roland Mitsubishi. Komori used printing machinery/ the Company since its inception has been to adhere to the business philosophy to honesty, in Hong Kong and China to help businesses of all sizes will finance the purchase of advanced printing equipmentprofessional sale and purchase. installation. debugging. maintenance KBA KBA presses, I wish you a prosperous new and old friends, and good luck! 're Trustworthy partner for your dedicated service! For a better future! Contact: Mr. Lin Jiaqi Contact: 13510381282 HK51241211 ...See More Information>>
Jifu Printing Equipment Company
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